10 Things I Did in the Beginning of My 115lb Weight Loss Journey

When I started my weight loss journey, I radically changed my lifestyle. I felt like I needed extreme discipline to be successful.

And at the time, maybe that was true! I was able to change drive thrus into farmer’s markets, piles of carbs into piles of veggies, the couch for the elliptical and boozy brunches into, well, healthier boozy brunches!

And as I have progressed through my -115lb weight loss, many of those early “rules” have morphed into something more sustainable, and more workable for my lifestyle:


#1. I was militant in my planning and counting.

I built a giant spreadsheets, handwrote daily menus, double counted and triple counted to make sure I was directly on point every day. Today I still menu plan my breakfast and lunches and I tend to have a good idea of what our dinners will be, but I rarely write down my plan anymore. Healthy eating and exercise have become habits in my life that I know by heart now.

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