10 BodybuildingTraining Series: How To Build King-Sized Boulder Shoulders!

We’ve all heard the sayings: a shoulder to rely on, shoulder the load, and sometimes it feels like you have the world on your shoulders. The shoulder region makes up a vital portion of our overall physique. Viewed from the front side and back, the deltoid and trapezius muscles are essential not only to a well-balanced look, but also facilitate many other functions which synergistically work to produce results in other areas. Strong, well-built delts and traps go a long way in regard to making the entire body look strong and balanced.

Shoulders make you look broad and strong. When we think of shoulders who comes to mind, Dennis Wolf, Marcus Ruhl, Jay Cutler, and Dennis James? When we think of these athletes we think of one thing: they are wide! Building proportionate delts and traps should be the goal of any trainer looking to build the ultimate physique.

One can often look at the shoulders as an integral piece of the infamous “X-frame” puzzle. If you were to draw diagonal lines from delt to calf, you would create the much sought after “X” physique. With developed delts and traps, a conditioned midsection, and well-built calves, this dream can become reality. Toney Freeman is the go-to bodybuilder when is comes to X frames – and Toney is no slouch in the shoulders department.

The entire shoulder area is also essential in many, if not most bodybuilding poses. Viewed from any angle the front, middle, and rear delts must be equally developed in order to create the “complete look” along with nicely built traps. Many trainers possess weak points such as underdeveloped posterior delts, overdeveloped anterior delts, and the lack of separation among all three heads. Do not fear; this article will provide you with the know-how to build some great boulder shoulders!

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